What is the Megasized Postcard? +

The Megasized Postcard is a service that allows small businesses to send out promotions to their local customers in an effective AND affordable way. Local businesses split the designing, printing, and shipping costs of the impossible-to-ignore postcards. Each month 10,000 of these oversized postcards are sent to homes in their target area.

Why should I advertise on the Megasized Postcard? +

The Megasized Postcard is a proven method of increasing sales in a local market. There is no alternative that is more affordable and effective than the Megasized Postcard.

The Megasized Postcard is cheaper and more effective than:

  • TV Advertisement Spots
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Newspaper Ads / Inserts
  • Other Co-Op Mailing Services: ValPak, Money Mailer, etc.
How does the Postcard help my business grow? +

By saturating your local market with your promotions, your business will be in the spotlight on HUGE postcards. Business owners that have used the Megasized Postcard saw an increase in:

  1. Revenue
  2. Brand Recognition
  3. Client Retention
How do I advertise on the Megasized Postcard? +

You must join a local group to begin advertising on the Megasized Postcard. CLICK HERE to view groups in your area.

What does the Megasized Postcard look like? +

The Megasized Postcard is an oversized postcard that is 9 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 14 pt thick. The Postcard has vibrant colors on both sides and is gloss coated. As you can imagine, the Postcard is an attention-grabber.homepage_postcard1

Can I request to see the postcard in person? +

Absolutely! Contact us to schedule a meeting.

How much extra revenue can the Postcard bring me? +

We have a handy calculator that helps you estimate the increase in revenue you might be seeing. This calculator uses data from previous members to estimate the revenue increase. CLICK HERE to use the revenue increase calculator.

Why should I choose the Megasized Postcard over services like Valpak and Money Mailer? +

The Megasized Postcard is superior in various ways.

  1. Your ad is not stuffed away inside an envelope
  2. Your ad won’t be lost on page 12 inside a booklet
  3. Your ad won’t be competing with other businesses in the same mailing
  4. We provide tools to help your business grow long-term


What are the benefits of becoming a member? +

Most importantly, when you become a member, you reserve your business’ spot on the Megasized Postcard, barring all your competitors from joining the group. Each month your business’ promotions and offers will be sent out to 10,000 homes located nearby.

We also provide additional services to help your business grow.

How do I become a member? +
  1. View and select a local group that you want to join.
  2. Fill out the membership application form
  3. We will contact you within 24 hours
What are the requirements to be eligible for membership? +

Businesses from all fields and niches are welcome to join the Megasized Postcard. The only requirement is that none of your competitors are already a member — it’s first-come first-serve, so make sure to reserve a spot today!

How much does it cost to become a member? +

Membership starts at $300. For more pricing information please CLICK HERE.


Which homes will receive my advertisement? +

Each month our marketing specialists hand-pick the neighborhoods of the 10,000 homes which the postcard will be sent to using the following demographics:

  • Proximity to Businesses
  • Average Income
  • Age Group Allocations
  • Homes to Business Ratio
How often are the postcards sent out? +

Each group’s postcards are sent out once a month. If we foresee a delay, we will let the group members know ahead of time.

What will you do to ensure that I get good returns? +

All designs we create are reviewed by our marketing department to ensure that they meet our requirements for not only an appealing ad, but an effective one as well.

Our direct marketing experts hand-select the 10,000 homes to which the postcards will be sent to for that month.

What is the typical response rate of each mailing? +

We have measured responses ranging from 0.3% up to 1.5% (30 to 150 new customers).

How does the Megasized Postcard claim to have a 95% exposure rate? +


  • The Megasized Postcard simply dwarfs all other mailings. Standing at 12×9 inches, The Megasized Postcard is significantly larger than regular mailings, catching the immediate attention of all recipients.


Vibrant Colors:


Will I be the only business of my type to appear on the Megasized Postcard? +

Yes, your type of business will be the only one that appears on any given mailer. Our members are all non-competing business so you never have to worry about your marketing message appearing side by side or in the same envelope like Valpak or MoneyMailer.

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